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"So grateful for all the beauty you share with the littles. You are so positively impacting the youth and the world is a better place for it! ♥️"


"I am so incredibly grateful for Mighty Acorns!  I honestly cannot imagine a better school for my child, a better environment, or better teachers.  I've checked out many other preschools, and Mighty Acorns is truly next level.  I'm so impressed with the education and care my son is getting. You guys are awesome!" - The Authentic E. 


"Teacher Tyana and the loving, active dynamic she creates at Mighty Acorns Preschool is incredible. My son, who has a history of "big BIG emotions" has transformed with Tyana's intuition of his needs and her connection with him. She is knowledgeable about child development and is at the ready with resources for all of us first-time and second-time parents, as well as the needs of children. She is adept at managing their energy. She is a kind, nurturing teacher and we will miss her as my son transitions into kindergarten. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts." - Michelle M.

"Mighty Acorns has been the perfect first school experience for our daughter, and I am forever grateful to Tyana and Nathan for offering such a loving and safe environment. The way that Jaya communicates so clearly with me when I pick her up is a direct reflection of how Tyana and Nathan communicate with the students. Her behavior and confidence have improved greatly since going to school, I just only wish that they offered kindergarten too!" - Chelsea Very

"We really love what you have provided for the kids at Mighty Acorns. Your attention and dedication to creativity, learning, and emotional development really shows and is so appreciated. Niyah loves the field trips and loves attending school there!" - Niraga McKillup

"Our daughter will finish her second full year at Mighty Acorns this year. We could not be more pleased with the program and family environment Tyana has created. Our daughter has blossomed, is constantly coming home with new insight, passion and energy from the things she has learned. Tyana takes the kids on interactive field trips, embraces and celebrates the local community, building the students into engaged, curious children ready to tackle kindergarten and life! We feel like our daughter goes each morning to a second home and look forward to hearing about her days adventures and lessons each evening!" -Glenn Gookin

"My son is just about to finish his second year at Mighty Acorns before transitioning to kindergarten and we couldn't be happier with the experience we have had. Not only does Tyana provide safe, warm and compassionate care for each child, she gives them real world experiences with hands on learning and encourages students to be active stewards of the earth. Students here grow into kind, compassionate, curious adventurers. Since beginning at Mighty Acorns, my son has demonstrated extreme growth with problem solving, communication, compassion and willingness to try new things. I always know he is in good hands while at Mighty Acorns. I can't wait for my next little one to be old enough to become a Mighty Acorn herself." - Amy Hooper

"Mighty Acorns has been a rock in our family's life. My son just completed his second year and he has transformed from age 3 to 5 into a child who can share his feelings and express his emotions peacefully. Teacher Tyana developed a loving, caring relationship with Julian, enabling Julian to feel at home and OK being away from Mommy and Daddy. Mighty Acorns was a place where Julian looked forward to playing with his friends, learning about the environment, field trips, seasons, Native American history, and sharing his favorite things. Teacher Tyana is highly attentive to every child's needs, which makes them feel special.  I will be forever grateful for our time at Mighty Acorns and highly recommend it!" - Charlie J.

"Our kiddo is soon to finish her second year at Mighty Acorns and go off to kindergarten. We have loved the emphasis on compassionate communication, being stewards of the earth, and positively interacting with the community, both in and out of the preschool. She has learned so much (from letter recognition to life cycles) and her emotional growth has made leaps and bounds. It is a true home away from home, where she is really seen and appreciated for the unique human she is. Thank you, Tyana, for nurturing her so! We'll miss Mighty Acorns!" - Emily Phillips


"Thank you for teaching them such great habits! My little guy has been so incredibly helpful at home all of a sudden. He is learning so much at school it’s amazing. He’s been really cooperative and he talks about helping hands and a kind heart all the time. Can I come to school too? You guys are awesome!" - Aeray Lumm


"Mighty Acorns is amazing! Our daughter went there for about 2 years and she always loved it. Tyana & Nathan are very loving and attentive with the children while also allowing them to explore and learn on their own. Their approach to addressing feelings and respecting individual space for the little ones was always so sweet. I'm extremely grateful for our time at Mighty Acorns." - Joe B.

"Our family loves Mighty Acorns! Tyana and Nathan provide the perfect space for transitioning from home to school, I was nervous that my very active son would struggle in preschool but his adventurous spirit was nourished and celebrated! We felt very supported and loved the home setting. Wonderful preschool, could go on and on!" - Tomi H.

"Mighty Acorns is an AMAZING preschool and I highly recommend it to all.  Tyana is a true gem, she does a fabulous job at creating a gentle, nurturing space, and gets to know each child on an individual level. Each month there's a different theme, and she does a great job at communicating with parents about the different lessons and activities via a monthly newsletter, and through sending pictures regularly. Tyana is an outdoor enthusiast and I love how Mighty Acorns incorporates nature, field trips to the pond, sledding, and exploring the outdoors into the preschool. My son has absolutely thrived at Mighty Acorns and I encourage everyone to check it out. We will miss our Mighty Acorn family next year when he heads to Kindergarten, but are so grateful for our time there and the seeds they've planted in our little one." - Lindsay G.

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