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Sample Curriculum


Theme: Myself and My Community

Community: Myself

Color: Green

Letters: A, B, C

Numbers:  1, 2

Body part: Feet

Shape: Triangle

Food: Apples

Field trip: Sugarloaf Mtn. & Town


Theme: Maps, Dimension, Proportions

Community: Our School

Color: Yellow

Letters: D, E, F

Numbers:  3, 4

Body part: Head

Shape: Circle

Food: Pumpkin

Field trip: Bierwagen's Farm


Theme: Autumn

Community: Our neighborhoods

Color: Orange

Letters: G, H, I

Numbers:  5, 6

Body part: Hands

Shape: Square

Food: Corn

Field trip: Leaf collecting hike


Theme: Solstice and winter

Community: Our families

Color: Red

Letters: J, K, L

Numbers:  7, 8

Body part: Heart

Shape: Triangle

Food: Oranges

Field trip: Train museum

Daily Schedule

-Centers- arts, crafts, games, and sensory activities that integrate the monthly theme, math and language arts

-Movement- Yoga, circle game, dance

-Welcome circle– welcome song, check ins, calendar time (math, language, science incorporated), theme concepts, story and reading, fingerplay

-Music- singing, playing instruments, rhythm games

-Snack- kids help cook, serve, sing thank you song, and clean up  

-Outside free play- self directed discovery

-Group active games- focused on gross motor skills, brain hemisphere connection, balance, strength

-Garden time- watering, caring for kitties, tending our space

-Self care- potty, handwashing, water station

-Lunch- sweet community gathering time

-Siesta- with stories, music, stretching, putting our stuffies to sleep

-Inside or Outside free play- self directed discovery

-Art/Craft- integrated into the month’s theme

-Story & Discussion– story that integrates the monthly theme, or class meeting time

-Clean up time- kids take time to be stewards of their community space

-Snack- kids help serve, sing, and clean up

-Closing circle- puppet show, circle game, gratitudes/favorite moments, closing song

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