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Principles of Mighty Acorns

Small, intimate school with a loving, family feel- special focus on each individual while working as a team


Compassionate Communication- emphasis on awareness of feelings, the needs they indicate, and how to meet needs through respectful communication, negotiation, and peace management


Community Orientation/Service Learning- awareness, care, and action for ourselves, one another, our families, people in need, animals and plants, and the environment


Expeditionary Learning- regular field trips to incorporate real world experience into our themes


Nature Awareness, Environmental Education- seasons, weather, flora, fauna awareness/attunement/skills/stewardship


Integrated Thematic Learning- monthly/seasonal unifying themes integrated into subjects/skills/activities

Learning Style Led/Individuated Learning/Experiential Education- concepts/activities available in visual, auditory, kinesthetic, musical, artistic, adventurous, enactable, and other forms




*School year schedule,

with summer camps.

2-4 days/week attendance


*6-10 children

*3-5 years old

*Near Nevada City

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